Program & Registration

Tentative Schedule of LCBR European Marketing Conference series

There is currently no conference planned for the near future. However, previous editions of the conference typically had the following structure.

First Day (only evening event)

18:00-20:00  Welcome Reception and Dinner *
Buffet of regional food specialties and selected drinks.
* This requires specific registration

Second Day (all-day event)

08:30-09:00  Registration, morning coffee & snacks
09:00-09:30  Opening Ceremony
09:30-12:30  Morning Conference Sessions
12:00-13:00  Lunch
13:00-13:15  Group Photo Opportunity
13:15-15:00  Afternoon Conference Sessions
15:00-15:30  Coffee Break
15:30-18:00  Afternoon Conference Sessions (cont.)


We currently do not accept any registrations, as there is no conference planned for the near future.